4 facts about McLaren F1

The Worlds Fastest Production Car

With Naturally Aspirated Engine

Yes, pretty much every car enthusiast knows that McLaren set the production car world speed record.

But not everybody knows that it took 6 years. The last year of production F1 reached a speed of 240 mph on March 31, 1998.

It has Golden Engine Bay

But Not Just For Show

Of course, you know that McLaren F1 is powered by a 6.1 liter BMW V12 engine. But not everybody knows that it seats in a golden bay.

McLaren's use of 24-carat gold foil wasn't just for show. The gold foil was used as a heat shield in the exhaust compartment, where the temperature is about 1292 °F

The leather was shaved

And There Is A Reason For That

To create the world's fastest car the designers went to extremes to make the car lightweight.

The leather used in the interior of the car was shaved to half its usual thickness. McLaren saved around 11 Ibs.

Luggage Compartment

Not That Obvious

The McLaren F1 can house a full 8 cubic feet volume of luggage in two side compartments just ahead of its rear-wheel arches.

The compartment also provides an access to the oil tank.